SharePoint 2010 Health Analyzer Rules (CPU/Memory)
Monitor the CPU and Memory levels for every server in your SharePoint 2010 farm with these powerful Health Analyzer rules.

Are there servers in your SharePoint 2010 farm that are being overworked?  Do you have servers that are constantly running with very high processor and memory utilization, slowing down the responsiveness of your sites?  Reducing the lifetime of the hardware?  And how long have they been running like this without anyone knowing?  SharePoint 2010 Health Analyzer Rules (CPU/Memory) will add two new powerful health analyzer jobs to your SharePoint 2010 farm to monitor all of the SharePoint servers in your farm, consolidating and easing the checking of these precious resources.

These two rules integrate into SharePoint along side the rest of the out-of-the-box SharePoint Health Analyzer rules, raising a yellow or red flag for any of the SharePoint servers in your farm that are consistently above the set thresholds.  Using this data you quickly know where to consider adding more memory, more evenly distributing the workload, or add additional servers to the farm.

Both the CPU and Memory health rules are configurable with custom thresholds that you control.  If you want to be warned when the CPU is constantly hitting above 40%, and consider 60% a red flag, you can quickly and easily update these settings, and be alerted to which specific servers need attention.